Ref. JK006B


If you like wooden elements, the KLASIK collection is made for you. Playability, great challenges and colours for all.

Structure, Laminated wood:scandinavian laminated pine wood treated in autoclave Class IV. Finished with two layers of Lasur paint. In case of being subjected to bad weather conditions, laminated pine wood can present some tiny cracks on the surface that do not reduce its durability at all. As regards resin and knots, please note that these are part of its natural appearance.

Panels, ECOPLAY:
10-12-15-19mm thick HPDE produced with recycled materials. High-density polyethylene characterised by its resistance to chemical abrasives. As a polymer, it is unaffected by corrosion. Due to its light elastic nature, it offers high resistance to impact, making it very difficult to break.

Platforms, Phenolic:
birch plywood coated with a phenol film on both sides. Wire mesh anti-slip surface. Waterproof lateral protection.

Nets, Anti-vandal reinforced rope:
Ø 16mm, 6 twisted steel cables, covered in polypropylene. High durability plastic connectors.

Metallic parts:
AISI-304 stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised steel and aluminium.

electro galvanised and stainless steel quality 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304.

  • None of the materials requires a specific treatment for its disposal.
  • If the product is subject to severe use, maintenance should be increased.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions..

    Biggest part (mm): 3340x40x40 / Heaviest part (kg): 44.

    IMPACT ZONE:security area and ground coverings according to the EN1176-1:2017 standard.

    Spare parts availability: 10 years.

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