Urban Furniture of Novatilu dresses up the new premises of Bonpreu Group

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The new premises of the Bonpreu Group dispose of the implementation of benches For, Cuadrada fountain, Barcelona Inox litter bins, tapas de pozo, manhole covers and grates. Once more, the country’s large business groups opt for Novatilu and reaffirm the design and great reliability of the urban furniture we manufacture in Novatilu.

The For bench, with an avant-garde design, is one of the most singular benches of the Urban Furniture range. It is made of five tropical wood slats, steel feet with double anti-corrosion protection and stainless steel screws. It is notable for its conceptual and elegant design, and perfectly fits with the environment of the new premises of the Bonpreu Group.

This new warehouse, that was inaugurated on Sunday, March 19, has a surface of 23,000m2 that enables to transfer the meat and charcuterie products, as well as fruit and vegetable ones. The installation includes a product exposition room, a storage room, meat laboratory zone, offices and toilets.